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At 3:21pm on August 4, 2015, The Missus said…

Thank you

At 12:43am on March 1, 2015, The Missus said…


At 11:24pm on December 20, 2014, junebug0314 said…

not really sure what its all about so anything you can tell me will be great. I was just told to sign up because of my health and try to make friends and to make my last wish come true

At 4:19am on November 23, 2014, jessica said…

I liked your video. You're a very smart guy.

At 5:17am on September 10, 2014, stella kwale said…

Good Day,

How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on:( ) for the full details.

Have a nice day

Thanks God bless.

Mrs Stella.

At 11:37am on July 10, 2014, danielle walton said…

Hey you reading up on your outlooks and just plain thought. Nice

At 8:20am on July 3, 2014, VA said…

A real gentleman, even if he loses everything he owns, must show no emotion. Money must be so far beneath a gentleman that it is hardly worth troubling about.
Fyodor Dostoevsky

At 5:14pm on June 29, 2014, The Hermit said…

Unfortunately there are a few issues that might prevent such a meet for the immediate future.

The first being distance as I currently live more than 18 hours from the core of your community if the site demographics are to be believed. Also I have been away from the world almost completely for just over 9 years now, and have just recently (in the last few months) been reconnecting to it via the internet. Which is how I found you. The nearest town to me has just over 1000 people in it and I've only ventured there as needed throughout my self imposed exile. That being said I feel I need a bit of time to re-aclimate myself to society before venturing so near a large population center. I would however like to continue my communication here and will certainly inform you if and when my situation changes. I hope you understand reading about how much the world has changed is one thing, diving back into it head first is something else entirely 

At 9:01am on June 28, 2014, The Hermit said…

In response to your question I would not say I lean toward any one philosopher or philosophy, rather I like to view these things as tools with witch to test my own understanding of the world.

At 1:32pm on June 25, 2014, Shelly Rivera said…

A human being is born as an absolute egoist, and this quality is so visceral that it can convince him that he has already become righteous and has rid himself of all egoism.

(Talmud, Hagiga)

At 10:05pm on June 24, 2014, Shelly Rivera said…

The most important aspect of the process of self-improvement is the cultivation of one’s sense of humility before the Creator. This, however, should not be an artificial undertaking, but a goal of one’s efforts. If, as a result of working on the self, an individual gradually starts to develop this quality, then it means that he is proceeding in the right direction.

(Talmud, Avodah Zarah)

At 11:10pm on May 21, 2014, Kevanesce said…

Thank you so much Gov.  I love you too brother

At 2:39pm on August 22, 2012, Kevanesce said…
Glad to C you back Gov. I've been reading The Source, U left it in my bag.
At 6:41pm on February 29, 2012, LOVE NELLY said…

Hello Dear, I will like to get acquainted with You, I have something Special to share with You, Contact me via email

At 4:33pm on February 5, 2012, Kevanesce said…

And why are we feeling low on Super Bowl Sunday?

At 12:16am on November 16, 2011, Zack Bradley said…

I will try to see if he will let me get some

At 3:07pm on November 5, 2011, sweet6b9 said…
First, I try to explain to people that Meditation is like Exercising. Some people exercise to stay healthy, others exercise to tone their muscles and some exercise to Body Build. This meditation exercise I give below is more of a Body Building Meditation exercise and requires concentration and focus.

I don't mean build a special room, or decorate Feng Shui..

I mean sit down in a comfortable position and stare at a candle flame for like 10 to 30 min each day. Keep the candle at arms distance on a table in front of you. Keep your mind clear and repeat the word Sun or a sentence like "Peace, Love and Compassion for all life" in your head over and over slowly. Do this until you develop tunnel vision and then continue stairing after tunnel vision sets in.

Then later, close your eyes and invision the candle flame just the way it was in reality with every detail that you picked up on while staring at it.(this takes focus) Hold this image in your mind while relaxing your body.. Don't let other thoughts come into your mind but keep repeating this word, "Saalome (means Peace in Wisdom)" , or chose some words like Love and Compassion, or Light and Love, while keeping the image of the candle flame in your mind, Try to bring the flame into focus like it is crystal clear and you can see the light coming from it as white and pure as sun light. Just hold that image of the flame burning and keep it in focus. This takes practice. Only try to see the flame as opposed to the whole candle, or the flame and just the top of the candle.

If you lose focus and find yourself looking at the back of your eyelids you will notice something unusual after only 5 min of this focus, You will see a White light spinning slowly or it may look like bubbles or lines moving across your vision slowly. (you may see this while staring at the candle flame also) This is Real. This is tangible proof that your meditation is focused. When you calm down after seeing this, continue to focus on the flame in your mind and try to hold it longer. Also check to make sure your entire body is relaxed and that you're not tensing up during your focus; only use your mind to focus. You may notice your Nasal Passage opening up or that you suddenly take a deep breath through your Nose, this is also very real and a normal response as your brain needs extra oxygen in order to perform this task. You will feel tired or exhausted after this exercise as you are using a part of your brain that we typically don't use.

At this point you will probably have many questions.
1 What the heck is that white light?
2 Where is this leading?
3 How is this connected to Telepathy?
4 What will Telepathic Ability do for me?
5 Why does my brain feel like I'm running a marathon with it?

I will be happy to answer those questions, just be assured that if you focus hard enough and your entire body is relaxed enough, that something is going to change in your life and You will have begun your journey.

You have probably also heard that Yogi Masters and Buddist Monks live to be over 100 years old, this is due to a 4th Brain Wave that is generated when in deep meditation, it is called the Theta Wave. It was detected by specialists that used specialized equipment that can detect Alpha, Beta and Delta Waves also. They discovered the healing qualities and effect of the Theta Waves and their direct connection to Sunlight or the result of staring at a candle flame for long periods of time while repeating the word Sun in your head over and over and pushing all other thoughts out of your mind.
What should all Humans do daily? Meditate.

If you see flashing white lights in your eyes when you try this exercise, it means you have an implant that is trying to break your concentration. And the most important question is why would they want to block your meditation exercise? Much less how did I get an implant and who put it there? Well I have those answers, the implant also has the ability to push thoughts into your mind to break your focus, or even make sounds. Also you may notice objects around your house making strange sounds or falling for no reason. Again this is only a distraction method and should be ignored.

Only you can verify what I have told you! It is a very personal Journey and one that I wish I could personally tell each and every one of us.

So I try.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any, I always enjoy hearing some success stories..

Peace in Wisdom
At 3:03pm on November 5, 2011, sweet6b9 said…

Ok, here is the information I have been sharing with people about meditation.  I put this meditation exercise together from the Billy Meier meditation information that the Secret Intelligence Agencies do not want people to know about.

Everyone should listen to this whole video below. This video discusses Heart/Brain interaction and how there is evidence about meditation being a powerful tool for Humans to use and how it can heal our bodies has been proven scientificly. They don't discuss Theta Waves in this video that I discuss below but there are two parts that talk about the heart and brain, must see the whole video:

What I have discovered and this scientific proof given shows that we are very powerful and that if more of us use the meditation exercise I provide below that we can have a positive physical effect on the world around us and the people around us.

I try to live from the spirit every day by sharing some truth that I have found. Quite by accident while working in contract to the Government I discovered that the CIA had launched a massive disinformation project against a man named Billy Meier. They even have photo's that they stole from him. Then I learned about William Cooper, a retired Naval Intelligence Officer that gave a lecture in 1996 telling the world that he had seen a document that said that the CIA had planned an attack in NY and to blame it on a man named BinLaden. Then I learned that he had also mentioned a benevolent race that offered us help and that a man named Phil Schneider had also mentioned this race and a man named Billy Meiers that they left their message with. Now I try to share this information.

Before I begin, I would like to share with you that experts in the field hooked their equipment up to a Yogi Master and during his meditation they discovered a 4th Brain Wave called the Theta Wave. They discovered that this 4th brain wave was directly responsible for his long life and excellent health without ever having seen a doctor or taken modern medicine. This scientific evidence supports the information shared in the Billy Meier contact notes.

I learned of Billy Meiers contacts while employed to various contracts to the Government. I learned that Secret Intelligence Agencies have worked hard to conceal this information from the world. This prompted me to learn more about his contact notes. You can learn more by watching the videos on the bottom left side of my Youtube Channel ( or by listening to the audio tapes provided at the following website:
Or by going to the following website:

At 10:02pm on September 12, 2011, Shelly Rivera said…
Check out shelly stone's page for an excerpt from my first book
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