November 2011 Rants and Raves (26)

Groesbeck Mayor: Town Will Run Out Of Water In Two Weeks

HOUSTON (AP) — A Central Texas town that the mayor says is two weeks away from running out of water has been given emergency approval to run three miles of pipeline through a state park to draw water from a rock quarry, town and state officials said Tuesday.

Groesbeck Mayor Jackie Livingston said the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department told town officials at a City Council meeting late Monday they could run the line through Fort Parker State Park. But she said construction on the… Continue

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The ocean

As you know I am in virginia beach for thanksgiving. But, did you know that the atlantic ocean is the second largest of the world's oceans. Did you know that the sound of the ocean is soothing. Did you know that it looks grey when it is raining. It is also the youngest ocean. 

  • The name 'Atlantic' is derived from the legendary island of 'Atlantis', as described by Plato - one of the ancient writers.
  • Atlantic Ocean…

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Thanksgiving Dinner 2011

Hello everyone, I would like to personaly thank everyone in the ICU Community that took part in providing a Thanksgiving dinner for my daughter and myself this year.  It was truely a blessing and showed me just how generous people can be when we seek like minded individuals that strive to gain Wisdom by living from the Spirit.

I already wish to give back to the community by providing valuable information that I have been trying to share with the world for over a year now.  This gift…


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My very best thanksgiving

The answer to bob's question is 1619. I used to have a photographic memory but due to medical conditions it is now very much foggy and full of holes. So, I cannot remember very many thanksgivings. I do remember the first time we went to virginia beach as a family. I was around 10. We have gone almost every year since except for two years when I lived in Tennessee so, that is a long time. I don't remember the thanksgivings themselves but, I remember the sound of the ocean, the first time I…


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If everyone looked out for the person next to them the world would be a better place, but human beings are rash, cruel, and very much judgmental  in nature.  I think sacrifice is the key to salvation.

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Occupy movement

It seems to me to be that the occupy movement is growing closer and closer to violence. It also looks that they are looking for violence. But, I firmly believe that violence solves nothing despite our violent history. If you truly look at history the lasting changes came through those individuals who used peaceful means. Those changes that came through violence faded away eventually.

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The details and traits that distinguish one entity from another. We all carry common traits and details. The combination of them makes us who we are. Each individual is different. We are shaped by our experiences and the gifts God has given us. We each grow and change as time goes by. We are influenced as individuals by those around us and the things we hear, see and read. Even if something or someone does not change an individual right now it will have an impact on that individual either in…


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Closer to home?

Impending starvation in the United States

Thank you to Mr. Wickstrom for this well written article.

The Coming Starvation In America

By James P. Wickstrom


The government of the United States, by Law was to always maintain a three year mixed- grain survival storage for every man, woman, and child in the United States.

Like most Laws of the land, the politicians never took heed as to why our wise ancestors had this reserve…


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Starvation facts in the world

The world hunger problem: Facts, figures and statistics

In the Asian, African and Latin American countries, well over 500 million people are living in what the World Bank has called "absolute poverty"

Every year 15 million children die of hunger

For the price of one missile, a school full of hungry children could eat lunch every day for 5 years

Throughout the 1990's more than 100 million children will die from illness and starvation. Those 100 million deaths could…


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U.S. boosts estimate of auto bailout losses to $23.6B

The Treasury Department dramatically boosted its estimate of losses from its $85 billion auto industry bailout by more than $9 billion in the face of General Motors Co.'s steep stock decline.

In its monthly report to Congress, the Treasury Department now says it expects to lose $23.6 billion, up from its previous estimate of $14.33 billion.

The Treasury now pegs the cost of the bailout of GM, Chrysler Group LLC and the auto finance companies at $79.6 billion. It no longer…


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Facebook warns of recent wave of spam

People can be so trivial.


BERLIN — A recent wave of spam flooding Facebook users' pages with graphic pictures depicting sex and violence has mostly been stopped, but the social networking site said Wednesday that people need to remain vigilant to keep their accounts from being hijacked.

Facebook in Germany said the latest attack tricked users into pasting and executing malicious JavaScript in their browser URL bar,…


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The Law of Attraction

I was first introduced to the law of attraction while listening to Coast to Coast am, one of many new things Gov had introduced me to. The idea is simple: tell the universe what you want and the universe will give it to you. The catch is that universe only heard the object of your desires, not whether you are wishing for them or against them. For example, if you are constantly thinking about what you don't want, the universe will give it to you because it manifests the object (what you don't… Continue

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Why Is China Building These Gigantic Structures In the Middle of the Desert? (Update 2)

This is crazy. New photos have appeared in Google Maps showing unidentified titanic structures in the middle of the Chinese desert. The first one is an intricate network of what appears to be huge metallic stripes. Is this a military experiment?

Update: readers are finding more weird stuff.

They seem to be wide lines drawn with some white material. Or maybe the dust have been dug by machinery.

It's located in Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu, north of the Shule River,… Continue

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Obama Care

At the heart of this debate is wether congress is being unconstitutional on requiring everyone to be insured by 2014. Dustin I want you to weigh in on this being the expert on constitutionalism. Obama care is very important as it will affect everyone. It is supposed to make insurance more accessible and affordable. I say I hope it does but, hopefully it will actually be affordable. MY idea of affordable would be nice. I have several questions about Obama care. Who decides who can afford it.…


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Judge Who Set Unsecured Bail For Jerry Sandusky Is A Second Mile Volunteer By Sean Newell, Nov 13, 2011 3:51 PM

When Jerry Sandusky was initially arraigned, as previously reported by Sara Ganim, prosecutors requested $500,000.00 bail and that Sandusky be required to wear a leg monitor. District Judge Leslie Dutchcot, however, ordered that Sandusky be freed on $100,000 unsecured bail. She ordered that Sandusky be freed and pay nothing unless he failed to show up for a court hearing.

Judge Dutchcot has quite the professional resume. In addition to her duties as district judge, she is of counsel… Continue

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Occupy: Police clear OR park, CA action possible


PORTLAND, Ore. — Police drove hundreds of anti-Wall Street demonstrators from weeks-old encampments in Portland and arrested more than 50 of them, as authorities in Oakland, Calif., warned Occupy campers that a similar crackdown was coming.

Portland police moved in shortly before noon Sunday and forced protesters into the street after dozens remained in the camp in defiance city officials. Mayor Sam Adams had ordered that the…


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America to Rebrand Itself

By Amanda Geronikos

Fri, 11 Nov 2011 20:40:55 GMT

America: Land of the free, home of the brave… and ‘The United States of Awesome Possibilities.'

No, really. 'The United States of Awesome Possibilities' is actually our country's new slogan. If America lacks in its ability to attract tourists, it certainly won’t for much longer. At least that’s the hope of The Corporation for Travel Promotion (CTP). The group wants foreign travelers to see just how ‘awesome’ America is, and…


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300, 000 F lu V accine s Anthony Gucciardi

Baxter Healthcare Corp. has announced it is recalling around 300,000 doses of its Preflucel flu vaccine due to an 'excessive' amount of adverse reactions. Recalled from thousands of pharmacies and surgeries across Europe, the 300,000 units are to be immediately withdrawn. With seasonal flu vaccines already linked to nerve disease Guillain-Barre Syndrome and narcolepsy and still being given out liberally to citizens worldwide, the adverse reactions must be quite serious in order to prompt a… Continue

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Missouri woman found fused to recliner in home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - A suburban Kansas City woman was left sitting in a vinyl recliner for so long that her skin had fused to the chair and she had to be pried out to be taken to a hospital after suffering an apparent stroke, authorities said.

Carol F. Brown's adult son told a state official he had left his 74-year-old mother in the chair for five days without helping her get up to use the bathroom or bathe because he was honoring her wishes to die in her Independence home,… Continue

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Don't panic! FEMA urges Americans not to worry as national alert system is tested

The EAS is a national alert and warning system established to enable the President of the United States to address the American public during emergencies. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Weather Service, governors and state and local emergency authorities also use parts of the system to issue more localized emergency alerts.

More... Time lapse: 11 per cent of Americans admit to turning clocks wrong way for Daylight Savings (and don't forget to set… Continue

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