October 2010 Rants and Raves (12)

Does anyone else think it's fucked up that the government can censor things they don't want you to hear on youtube

So today I was on youtube watching some George Carlin videos when i came across a segment that I had seen before on HBO when it first aired. When I attempted to play the video the audio track was missing and there was a note saying that it was not approved. Now if i remember correctly this particular segment contained some logical and well reasoned (all though cynical) content regarding corporate government. I just goes to show that the internet is about as free as the corporate media.

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"The Hate Inside" (more of my lyrics)

The Hate Inside

It seems to me that the world has died

Crucified by the pain inside

Retro-spiritual suicide

Brings out all the hate inside us all


Human race genocide

Strong smell of formaldehyde

We wont quit till we all have died

Or learned to kill the hate inside us all

Did you think of the freedoms you'd forfeit

When you married and enchantress for what between her…

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A Question of Questions

Often I am asked about why I never reply to a question with a strait answer, the simple answer to this is because I am rarely approached with a strait question. Let me explain. It is my personal belief that the structure and context of the question itself is reflective of the insight and understanding of the person who asks it, therefore suggesting that every question has its answer, and in turn every answer has its question. In short you get what you ask for. Is that not one of the most… Continue

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Article by Noam Chomsky in July indicates that Obama intends to escalate the conflicts in the middle-east wit Iran as the primary target

The Iranian Threat
Noam Chomsky
chomsky.info, July 2, 2010

The dire threat of Iran is widely recognized to be the most serious

foreign policy crisis facing the Obama administration. General Petraeus

informed the Senate Committee on Armed Services in March 2010 that "the

Iranian regime is the primary state-level threat to… Continue

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Ralph Waldo Emerson "Self Reliance" I would encourage all who are not familiar with this essay to read it

I read the other day some verses written by an eminent painter which were original and not conventional. The soul always hears an

admonition in such lines, let the subject be what it may. The

sentiment they instil is of more value than any thought they may

contain. To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true

for you in your private heart is true for all men, — that is genius.

Speak your latent conviction, and it shall be the…


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The Looking-Glass Self

Charles Horton Cooley

The Looking-Glass Self

The social self is simply any idea, or system of ideas, drawn from the communicative life, that the mind cherishes as its own.Self-feeling has

its chief scope within the general life, not outside of it; the

special endeavor or tendency of which it is the emotional aspect finds

its principal field of exercise in a world of personal forces, reflected

in the…


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The US government is going public with its past misdeeds. Why? Not for the benefit of the people whom they were committed against, because they already knew. In fact the world already knew. The only ones left in the dark are the American people. But not any more. I have speculated for years about the meaning of a phrase I read in a book relating to or possibly produced by the Illuminatti that stated the first step in the goal of creating a single world government would be the illumination of… Continue

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And now we start to air out the dirty laundry

President Obama offers "profound apologies" to the Guatemalan president for the tests.
  • Obama offers "profound apologies"
  • Guatemala accepts the apology, the presidential spokesman said
  • The United States is launching an investigation
  • The research was "reprehensible," the U.S. statement…

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More flooding in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) -- At least 64 people are dead in flash floods that struck Indonesia following torrential rains, officials said Wednesday.

An additional 83 people are injured, said Priyadi Kardono of Indonesia's National Disaster Mitigation Agency in Jakarta. He said 27 were missing,

but Angung Laksono, the coordinating minister for people's welfare,

told a radio station that 68 people were missing and 3,000 had been



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Earthquakes in New Zeland

Canterbury residents were last night shaken awake by two big aftershocks - exactly a month after the devastating 7.1 earthquake.

The first quake - magnitude 5 and centred 30km east of Darfield - was

felt throughout the South Island, including Hokitika and Timaru, at

10.21pm. The second, magnitude 4 and centred 20km east of Darfield,

struck eight minutes later.

The two aftershocks hit as Prime Minister John Key hosted a black-tie

extravaganza in Auckland to…


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Flooding in Vietnam

HANOI, Vietnam—Helicopters dropped food aid Wednesday to people in villages cut off by high water as the death toll from flooding this week in

central Vietnam rose to 26, with nine people missing, disaster officials


In the worst-hit province of Quang Binh, 11 people were dead while authorities searched for five sailors from a…


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Update on toxic mud-slide in hungry courtesy of WNN

BUDAPEST (AFP) – A damburst of toxic sludge that killed at least four people and left scores needing treatment for chemical burns and other injuries could take up to a year to clean up,

officials said Wednesday.

"The clean-up and reconstruction could take months, even a year," Environment Secretary Zoltan Illes said.

On Monday, the retaining walls of a reservoir at an aluminium plant in Ajka in western Hungary collapsed, sending a toxic soup…


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