September 2011 Rants and Raves (66)

US: military chaplains may perform same-sex unions

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Pentagon has decided that military chaplains may perform same-sex unions, whether on or off a military installation.

The ruling announced Friday by the Pentagon's personnel chief follows the Sept. 20 repeal of a law that had prohibited gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military.

Some members of Congress have objected to military chaplains performing same-sex unions, saying it would violate the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.



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Fear in Colo. town at heart of Listeria outbreak

Jensen is the co-owner of the Colorado farm where health officials say a national listeria outbreak originated, making his withering fields the epicenter of a food scare that has sickened dozens of people from Wyoming to Maryland and caused 16 deaths.

The farm has recalled more than 300,000 cases of cantaloupes and on Thursday three states - Indiana, Louisiana and Wisconsin - were added to the recall list. Spokeswoman Amy Philpott said that trucking records show that cantaloupes… Continue

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After demise of ‘don’t ask,’ activists call for end to military ban on transgenders

With homosexuals now able to serve openly in the military, the gay rights movement’s next battleground is to persuade the Obama administration to end the armed forces’ ban on “transgenders,” a group that includes transsexuals and cross-dressers.

“Our position is that the military should re-examine the policy, the medical regulations, so as to allow open service for transgender people,” said Vincent Paolo Villano, spokesman for the 6,000-member Center for Transgender Equality.…


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'New' Virus Catches CDC's Eye

It’s not a new virus, but doctors need to keep an eye out for one that’s not usually on the radar screen, federal health officials said on Thursday. It’s called human enterovirus 68, or HEV68, and it can cause an unusually severe type of cold that can even kill in some cases.

The virus has been around for decades, but for some reason it’s been causing clusters of serious illness over the past three years, the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports.…


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The Truth About Unemployment; It is not really as bad as it seems

by Dave Ramsey


Dave Ramsey is awesome. His financial peace university program has helped me alot.


Have you started to feel as though the media has nothing else to report on except the economy, bickering politicians and unemployment? That if they couldn't inject fear and negativity into your life with their gloom and doom reporting, they wouldn't have a job at all? I don't think you're too far off base. We've been listening to how bad things are for so long,…


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5 big bills you can cut fast

We all need help in these times. So check this out.

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Time Machine??

Russian Scientist Builds Real Time Machine

Written by Truth Advocate

Friday, 09 September 2011 12:19

What person hasn't dreamed at least once of returning briefly to a favorite era in the past or seeing a real glimpse of a fantastic future hundreds, even thousands of years from today? Now, released documents support a Russian Scientist Building a Real Time Machine. Despite a spate of articles claiming that travel to the past is flatly impossible, physicists like Stephen Hawking… Continue

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Nothing New Under The Sun

Isn't it interesting....


Dhemikov's two headed dogs

pigs with human blood


mice with human brain cells



Ecclesiastes 1:9

The thing that hath been, it is…


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5 little-known facts about Social Security


 Where does your money go? Not to pay you that's for sure. This year they will pay out more than comes in. So, don't count on social security for retirement when it's your turn.


 for more info go to...



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2,000-year-old Dead Sea Scrolls go online

It is amazing what you can find out on the internet.




JERUSALEM — Two thousand years after they were written and decades after they were found in desert caves, some of the world-famous Dead Sea Scrolls went online for the first time on Monday in a project launched by Israel's national museum and the web giant Google.

The appearance of five of the most important Dead Sea scrolls on the Internet is part of a broader attempt by the…


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UC Berkeley’s race-based bake sale sparks controversy

UC Berkeley’s race-based bake sale sparks controversy

Republican students at the University of California, Berkeley are under fire for plans to hold an “Increase Diversity Bake Sale” Tuesday to protest affirmative action…


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The 'Terrible 10' Behaviors in the Workplace

By Larry Buhl, for Yahoo! HotJobs

Think you can get away with leaving coffee grounds in the sink, or taking that handicapped spot? Maybe. But according to a new study, even if coworkers don't say anything about such rude behaviors, they are likely to harbor resentment about them.

Through an informal online survey with Yahoo! and Survey Monkey, researchers at the Civility Initiative at The Johns Hopkins University and the Jacob France Institute of the University of Baltimore… Continue

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Mysterious Rash Cause Eludes School Officals

he district has been following health procedures; Clifford Elementary parents want more communication.

After doctors' reports, entomologist visits, specialized dogs sniffing for bedbugs and a thorough cleaning and disinfection of Clifford Elementary School, district officials still cannot identify the cause of what sent home dozens of kindergartners a week ago with a rash that highly resembled multiple bug bites.

Last Wednesday on Sept. 14, school officials…


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What I learned at church today.

We live in times of Turmoil....Combat fears from that with increased faith.


Pay Tithing to God in full


Families are everything.

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Morgellons disease

This is a new disease that's out there. Lesions on the skin and fibers. Check out more...

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Massive terror exercise planned for metro area

Operation Mountain Guardian is a terrorism-based, full-scale emergency exercise scheduled to take place in numerous locations in the Denver metro area on Friday, September 23, 2011.

The exercise will involve first responders from 81 different agencies**, will be conducted at ten separate locations and will include loud noises, simulated weapons, smoke, emergency vehicles and other equipment that will be audible and visible throughout the day.

The purpose of this…


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Texas School Punishes Boy for Opposing Homosexuality

An honors student in Fort Worth, Texas, was sent to the principal’s office and punished for telling a classmate that he believes homosexuality is wrong.

Holly Pope said she was “absolutely stunned” when she received a telephone call from an assistant principal at Western Hills High School informing her that her son, Dakota Ary, had been sent to in-school suspension.

“Dakota is a very well-grounded 14-year-old,” she told Fox News Radio noting that her son is an honors…


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Roll over Einstein: Pillar of physics challenged

A startling find at one of the world's foremost laboratories that a subatomic particle seemed to move faster than the speed of light has scientists around the world rethinking Albert Einstein and one of the foundations of physics.

Now they are planning to put the finding to further high-speed tests to see if a revolutionary shift in explaining the workings of the universe is needed - or if the European scientists made a mistake.

Researchers at CERN, the European…


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AP IMPACT: Hospital drug shortages deadly, costly

N.J. (AP) -- A severe shortage of drugs for chemotherapy, infections and other serious ailments is endangering patients and forcing hospitals to buy life-saving medications from secondary suppliers at huge markups because they can't get them any other way.

An Associated Press review of industry reports and interviews with nearly two dozen experts found at least 15 deaths in the past 15 months blamed on the shortages, either because the right drug wasn't available or because of…


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this is for all the retarded people who think they are better than anyone else.

bull crap!!!!! if you want to leave then leave. i don't believe that we should walk on egg shells around here cuz we are afraid of losing one member. we are all aloud to post what ever our hearts desire. if it's not what you want then stop complaining about it and do something about it. i don't have time nor the inclination to listen to a man who complains about the lack of enlightenment. aren't you the elder person here? why don't you enlighten us for a change otherwise shut up and get over… Continue

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