August 2011 Rants and Raves (27)

To The End

 Found her heart within this verse

Most beautiful heart in the universe

She has my heart for her own

For this love is the greatest ever known

But it wasn't very smart

For she ripped me apart

Now all is left is my hatred for love

If I hurt this much it's not from above

Why can't I learn to give up now

Because in truth I don't know how

Let me be with you as your friend

My heart is yours till the…


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6 money habits that are illegal


most of these are obvious but, it is interesting.

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6 spending triggers to outsmart


spending money; one of the biggest problems americans have, including the government.

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Scientists Prove Gut Instinct Is Real and Works

Go on your gut feeling when setting goals - because more often than not it'll be right, researchers have revealed.

According to a study by Canada's University of Alberta, when it comes to working out where the future lies your unconscious mind is both smarter than you think and can be a great motivator.

Alberta School of Business researcher Sarah Moore and colleagues from Duke and Cornell universities say unconscious feelings about objects in the environment influence the pursuit of… Continue

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Police Caught in Photo Having Sex In Uniform, In Public, On Shift

KOB Eyewitness News 4 has obtained surveillance pictures of a State Police officer having sex with a woman on the hood of a car in broad daylight.

State Police aren't saying anything about the photos, but KOB Eyewitness News 4 is pressing for answers.

Two weeks ago KOB reported a story about an officer caught on camera having sex while in full uniform, an act shown on security camera at the Santa Fe Canyon Ranch.

KOB has blurred out the woman's image, but you can… Continue

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Bullying Law Allows Kids To Call Police

Under a new state law in New Jersey, lunch-line bullies in the East Hanover schools can be reported to the police by their classmates this fall through anonymous tips to the Crimestoppers hot line.

Cindy Herrick spoke on harassment, intimidation and bullying, at Bridgewater-Raritan High School in Bridgewater, N.J., this month.

Aaron Houston for The New York Times

Philip W. Nicastro, vice president of Strauss Esmay Associates, a firm that provides training programs…


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6 Jobs that are in Decline and How to replace them

Construction workers

Real Estate agents

Automotive assembly line workers

Pharmaceutical sales representatives

Personal bankers


for more info go to…


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Truth About Economic Growth

The good news six months ago was that the United States economy, as measured by gross domestic product, had completely recovered all the losses it suffered in the recession.

Never mind.


Notions on high and low finance.

The revised G.D.P. numbers put out by the government today make the recent history, which we thought was pretty poor, even worse.

Even with a small gain in real G.D.P. in the second quarter, the total size of the economy,… Continue

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Naked man goes on stabbing rampage, killing one and wounding four in Washington Heights

A naked madman went on a stabbing spree in a Manhattan apartment building Tuesday, wounding four people and killing one, cops and neighbors said.

Christian Falero, 23, rampaged in the buff through the building where he lives on Riverside Drive in Washington Heights, greeting his victims with knocks on their doors, police sources said.

When Ignacio Collazo, 81, and his wife, Margarita, 75 answered their door about 4 p.m., Falero plunged his blade into their bodies, the…


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Psychopaths A Different Species?

Throughout human history, individuals who are 'not quite conspecific' with the majority of normal human beings have wreaked havoc at local, national and global levels of human society, depending on the extent of their 'ambition'. Look around you today and you will see clear evidence of a deviant psychological…


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Eye C U Is Fighting Against This!!

IRENE, S.D. (AP) -- When the nearly 300 students of the Irene-Wakonda School District returned to school this week, they found a lot of old friends, teachers and familiar routines awaiting them. But one thing was missing: Friday classes.

This district in the rolling farmland of southeastern South Dakota is among the latest to adopt a four-day school week as the best option for reducing costs and dealing with state budget cuts to education.

"It got down to monetary reasons…


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Problems With Online Medical Records

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Until recently, medical files belonging to nearly 300,000 Californians sat unsecured on the Internet for the entire world to see.

There were insurance forms, Social Security numbers and doctors' notes. Among the files were summaries that spelled out, in painstaking detail, a trucker's crushed fingers, a maintenance worker's broken ribs and one man's bout with sexual dysfunction.

At a time of mounting computer hacking threats, the incident offers an…


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Flash Mob Protection Is Needed?

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- Rising Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly was handcuffed and led away from SouthPark mall in Strongsville this evening amid a flash mob he organized.

Earlier in the week, Machine Gun Kelly -- whose real name is Colson Baker -- used social media to poll his fans, asking them which suburban Cleveland mall they wanted to gather at.

The rapper ultimately settled on Strongsville, Saturday at 5 p.m.

About that time, someone calling himself…


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Nuclear Expert: Radioactive Rain-Outs Will Continue For a Year - Even In Western U.S. and Canada - Because Japanese Are Burning Radioactive Materials

Washingto Blogs

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen says in a new interview that the Japanese are burning radioactive materials. The radioactivity originated from Fukushima, but various prefectures are burning radioactive materials in their terroritories.

Gundersen says that this radioactivity ends up not only in neighboring prefectures, but in Hawaii, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and California.

He notes that radioactive rain-outs were documented…


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Corrupt Science and The Effects of Retracting Studies

 By:Heidi Stevenson

Lancet's editor calls fraudulent medical research a 'scar on the moral body of science'. But it's really just part of an entire system of fraud in medicine.

Medical science is rampant with fraud. At the Mayo Clinic, ten years of research that appeared to be leading towards harnessing the immune system to fight cancer is worthless because of fraudulent studies and later research based on the fraudulent ones.

Retraction of medical research papers…


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Kill Switch In Action

The Bay Area Rapid Transit police Thursday evening shut off cellphone service on subway station platforms to block violent protesters from communicating to disrupt train service. Switching off cell phones is a "great tool to utilize for specific purpose" the transit police said, adding that free speech  was safe because BART "has made available certain areas of its property for expressive activity."

We need to reconize what is going on here,the police are taking away our liberties for…


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Why Do Illegals Get To Break the Law?

The definition of the word illegal is contrary to or forbidden by law. So how is it that police officers can walk by people who's existence in this country violates the law in which they are sworn to uphold and do nothing? How is it illegal for the police to ask someone to see their papers, yet its perfectly legal for the police to ask me to see my identification? How is it that this crime, which cost taxpayers according to Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) $113 billion a…


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Injustice in Britain For Rioters

I am mad at how the justice system can so called "make examples" out of people by giving them extremely harsh punishments without considering the person who they are sentencing. The harshness of punishment in which is being shown in Britain really bothers me. First off, there is no consideration to why these people first acted the way they did. Its like they are being labeled as savages and treated as such. In a Wall Street Journal article today, Britain is more worried about tourism, and…


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