March 2014 Rants and Raves (7)

The Change

There are so many crazy and terrible things in this world. Sometimes these things make us lose faith in humanity. We may become bitter and stop caring. But it is important to keep hope and love alive. Even if we can't change the world with our actions, we can save ourselves from becoming just like the rest of the world.

One hand 

Reaches out 

And pulls a lost soul from harm 

While a thousand more go unspoken for 

They say what good have you done 

By saving… Continue

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The High Road

To paraphrase from The Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond... "I'll take the high road and you'll take the low road and I'll be in Scotland before you"

I am going through a situation at the moment that has me feeling some type of way. As I have thought about how exactly I feel and determine why I feel that way, I have realized that it is the same type of situation I recently had to overcome with a family member.

This individual was so self absorbed, unappreciative, condescending… Continue

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Purpose of Karma Credits

The purpose of Karma Credits is for people to be able to establish a way to measure how much purpose and self worth they have by measuring Karma Credits.How can you really measure what you know? There isn't a system that can count what you know and how effective you are in life, until now. The Karma Credit system is the way you can establish your self worth for everyone to see, and has nothing to do with how much money you have or spend but how many Karma Credits you earn by being…


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Value The Time Of Learning Over Money

"It is a simple law of human of human psychology that your thoughts will tend to revolve around what you value most. If it is money, you will choose a place for you apprenticeship that offers the biggest paycheck. Inevitable, in such a place you will feel greater pressures to prove yourself worthy of such pay, often before you are really ready. You will be focused on yourself, your insecurtities, the need to please and impress the right people, and on not on acquiring skills. It will be to…


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Although I am upset at the moment, life has not stopped. It is not the end of the world. I am still functioning. I guess that can be considered progress.

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A Great Man

My husband took me to see 300: Rise of an Empire yesterday and it was a lovely date. But as seemingly ordinary this date was (as ordinary as anything can be in the presence of my husband), something much more profound occurred, right there in the movie theater. And no one was the wiser. What happened? For the first time, despite how many times he had tried to tell me, I understood the burden he shoulders.

After the devastating loss to the Persians, Themistokles is berated for the… Continue

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Spinach with Strawberries Salad

Ok, I had to share this cuz it is super easy and oober delicious. I know there are people here trying to eat healthier and this is a good way to do it, just leave out the bacon. It is delicious without it.

1 bag 50/50 mix (spinach/spring mix) or your choice of salad greens
1 lb strawberries, sliced
1/2 bacon, cooked, drained and crumbled
Strawberry vinaigrette

Mix all ingredients and enjoy!

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