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The purpose of this class to teach members how to play the RPG called Alpha Chronicles.

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Alpha Chronicles is a stand-alone role-playing game of modern adventuring. If you have never played a role-playing game before, welcome. You are about to enjoy something that is part improvisation, part strategy, and all fun. Your blood will sing as your character lurks through darkened streets following a villain. You will feel the immense satisfaction as you finally discover the last clue that will end the super-villain’s reign of terror. You will immerse yourself in the ideas and personality of someone that is not your own. All you need is an imagination, pencils, paper, and a few ten sided dice that you can purchase from most comic or game stores. Look for anyone playing with those funny card games or those odd plastic toys with the clicking bases. They’ll be more than happy to direct you to the right place.

For those of you who are well accustomed to gaming, welcome friends. This system is designed with balance in mind. This system of rules is easily adapted towards the power-gamer or the avid amateur actor. With a good GM both will survive and prosper with this set of mechanics and background material. The option point system for powers and abilities will assist the GM in giving enough power and abilities to the players for the desired flavor of the campaign. We fully expect every GM to tweak the points given, tinker with the options, create new options, and even pick and choose the level of combat realism. If you don’t like something, throw it out…like you need my permission, right?

We have included a wealth of rules, ideas, and descriptions to aid you in creating any modern or near-modern campaign you may desire. While focusing on the present day, with only minor tweaking any campaign could be enjoyed from the same set of rules. Supernatural stalkings, comic book heroes, near-future paranoia, and even pulp adventures are all possible with this book. Cross genre gaming? A snap. Open up the campaign to allow everything! Have a great idea for a campaign world? Focus on a single storyline, specific powers, and decide what equipment is available. Voila! Bored of your current campaign but tired of switching systems or playing in some other game? Build new characters and keep our system. Alpha Chronicles can handle any setting or chronicle you want to play with.

More ideas, options, and other equipment will be forthcoming in expansions and on our website. In fact there is already a fantasy game utilizing a similar system that is available for downloading at The system created in Alpha Arkana and expanded upon here is a percentile-based system that utilizes skills and a balance of realism and playability. We hope you fully enjoy the freedom to be creative and unpredictable while still having just enough rules and structure to give that creativity wings, jet-packs, or even matter transmission.

If you create something that is just plain cool, send it along. Most likely we will like it too and put it on the website or in a later supplement with your name in the credits. We love all the help we can get. Options, NPCs, pictures, cities, vehicles, magical relics, new gadgets, spells, monsters, optional rules, or anything else you can dream up is all right by us. I only ask that you do not use the intellectual properties of others in your creations. Not only will we not post such items, we think that you have a lot more creativity than that. Use your inspiration to create something wholly new that screams you.

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Comment by Pharaoh_Wulf on February 12, 2015 at 12:01pm

or any other

Comment by Pharaoh_Wulf on February 12, 2015 at 11:55am

RPG games are a great method of stress relief. It has done so for me for over 20yrs....through your character, and by the chronicle(s) and/or Saga(s) the Game Master runs, you can play your character in any mood you like.....

I've often had a bad day, or bad week......or month......oy vey.......

And have played my character as kinda an ass......or even the contrary, I'm in a bad mood, but I play my character that session as with a heart of gold. RPG games (of which I usually stick to; pencil, dice, and imagination.....

There are many Tabletop RPGs around, most of them even i've never heard of when I come across them. The primary one that I enjoy the most is Alpha Chronicles. A very dear friend, put about 20+ yrs of work into Alpha Chronicles....and in 2005 or so, I helped him play test the core rules before publishing.....I've very proud of that......

RPGs are like stories, the "player characters" are controlled by the "players," (often called PC(s) for short).....the story is an interactive book, or series of books in which every action has a consequence, just like real life.....rather not unlike the 'choose your own adventure' stories i read alot as a kid. ....

The game master tells the story, and weaves the PCs into it as they encounter, all the things that may help or hurt them.....all the things that advance character growth, hinder it or what may be......The PC, and the Character Concept that goes with it, is key. That character concept guides the PC, and the Player, just as it would in your favourite novel. 

any questions, about Player Character, and Non-Player Characters, or character concepts et al, feel free to PM or ask on here.....

Comment by General on February 5, 2015 at 8:46pm

On the way to a meeting of members in  Alpha Chronicles class.



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