When you first joined The Eye C U Community, you were asked to create a psuedonym and an image/symbol that best represented who you are on the inside. Please take a moment to introduce yourself and explain your choices.


Thank you!

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I am a water well polluted with e coli in the process of shocking myself with the word of God...
my picture is a person climbing a mountain. for me it represents the fact that i feel like i am climbing and overcombing obstacles.
i picked the the forest' because i fell like I'm somewhere trying to listing to my self and others. in a quite place.
my name is Angie, and I chose the Tree of Life as it is depicted in the movie "The Fountain" by Darren Aronofsky. I chose it because I have always had a strange connection/fascination with the tree of life and have constantly been drawn to it. I chose The Fountain's depiction because I love this movie and I admire Aronofsky's work as I am an aspiring filmmaker myself.
Just curious what about the Tree of Life fascinates you???
I chose the wolf for various reasons. Not only are they my favorite animal, but they are also. misunderstood. I feel like I'm also misunderstood among all the people who claim to be friends. Which is why I often refer to myself as a lone wolf.
I chose Heisenberg because I nerd out a lot about quantum physics and theory, which can be applied to just about anything to explain the "why?". I believe life and humanity are defined by Dualistic traits and to say humanity should just be without sin completely makes the purity boring. Sweet would be bland without Salty/Sour and bliss would be unnoticeable were it not for misery and pain. Heisenberg.

I'll probably change the avatar to something other than the Uncertainty formula though... eventually I'll change the name because it's only going to suit me for a little while before I come up with something more fitting that I haven't used before.
I am disco ball because i shine bright and can't anyone or anything stop me.. I will stand out and be noticed while the rest of the world just tries to blend in!!
I chose a tree reaching/spreading out towards the sky because I truly appreciate and love trees.. I feel like they represent me in the way that trees are strong, unique, are essential to life on earth, and are also well grounded by their roots. As for my name, El Diablo Y La Tierra, which means "The Devil and the Earth", I feel that the devil and the earth is a perfect representation of duality of my personality as well as many other human beings in this world.
I chose the name Governor because of the tasks in which I take on, and how I carry myself.  I look at the time as well as the world in a the "big picture" sort of way. Peope tend to come to me and to inquire on how they should govern themselves in certain situations.
What does your profile picture mean?



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