Humilty and God

How often, in the midst of conversation, do we feel like we are right and the other is wrong? How often does the method or perspective of others ruffle our feathers? How often do we tend to argue with the wisdom of our elders and partners because we feel we know better, or that they don't?

There is wisdom known to few that I would like to share. This wisdom is....God speaks through people. This is wisdom that can only be processed from a grand scale. God is infinite. Included in this infinity is our reality. In this reality, the presence of God is hidden. If God is hidden, how does the Creator teach, influence, and guide man? The Creator operates through man. If the Creator is infinite, meaning all things can be found in thee, that means good and bad, truth and lies, up and down, left and right, all the same and included. So when one wants to know, see and understand all things, he must listen to all words. All is one to the Creator. What is left to me is right to those opposite to me. To the Creator, it is all one spot. This is important, because if all is one, we must learn what is right and wrong for them. This is where humility comes into play.

The Creator teaches to whom one should listen to and to whom one should follow. In following the Creator, a person looks to travel the path of righteousness. All others are paths to things outside the direct path of righteousness. Some words are just scenery that paint the picture and circumstance, but other words help define the choice that has to be made on a daily basis. This basic choice is seen and reflected in daily decisions.

What does this all mean? Whether it is the drug dealer on the street or the daddy at home speaking to you, they are both speaking the words of God. They present the duality that makes up the basis of existence and create the reality in which our decisions are made and to whom we choose to listen to and believe come from.

To the Creator, the two sides of the coin are one and the same. It is the choice of man to pick either heads or tails, because he cannot have both. So the righteous man listens to his parents, his partner, and his elders as the foolish man argues with the like and follows the paths of folly and destruction. There is humility in taking instruction from a close guide. It is pride that tells us that we don't understand. If we were to believe that it is God telling us these things and guiding us, would we still question the understanding of the advice? Would we still say the words, “you don't see” or “you don't understand”? But God sees and knows all. For one to have the miracle of God, one must gather the knowledge and choose. From there, the Creator can work. In cases of great magnitude, the choice is hard. It is going to seem extremely difficult, but that is key, because in this difficulty one finds the miracles of the Creator, the testimony of greatness like faith in the office of fatherhood, faith in the office of marriage, and other covenants. Either way, if a person truly asks themselves if they know better, what would they say? Would they say “my mother/father or wife told me this would happen”, or did the scripture warn me of this?

Here's an example. A man who sells drugs may influence others to sell drugs, but would not tell his kids to do so. Why? Because a father speaking in the truest sense could not give such foolishness as counsel to their children. The Creator would not speak through them in such a way. Only a man taken over by a spirit would speak such words. It is important to see that what one man may tell a friend or a foe, it may not be what he tells his child. On the other hand, if the child says "well your friend the drug dealer tells me that I would be a natural at the game considering my father's success, and my favor to him." What we see is an instance where the child wants to do as the father does, not as he says, and listen to counsel from an outside source that sounds more pleasant and rewarding. It is in this instance that the choice comes: humility or pride by the listener. Listen to the father who says do as I say for I have fought the battles so you can know and do better, or listen to the ways of the world that sound more pleasant, exciting and rewarding. For the Creator is in both as sides. Fo in both choices the Creator will reveal a different reality. One will be of love and righteousness, while the other choice will be self gratification,and strife.

Lesson learned, one does not have to travel the world and experience all things to know. If one listens intentively, works diligently in acquiring wisdom, one will find the understanding of all things. In all words the All call can be found.

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