In the above link, scientists discuss the connection between drugs, sex, and God in regards to how they all stimulate the brain in common ways. The science is clearly discussed in the article; the pleasure or reward center is stimulated through these fore-given concepts. What I pondered is not necessarily how they stimulate the body or the physical brain, but how they all effect they spirit. What does one go through for God, and what does one go through to have drugs, and to what end? God is needed for help, assistance, and love from the unseen, and drugs give the pleasure or perception of this feeling.

To me it is all spiritual. People use drugs and sex to get out of the normal and go to a higher level of life. Drugs and sex are both used to open paths of communication to other worldly beings, or to see other worldly objects, and to see reality from an other worldly perspective. To acquire drugs and sex, one has to deal with people who tend to be other worldly. Whether that is good or bad is based on the situation. All the same, all dealers in drugs and sex tend to have secret names, or code words, and can usually be found near alcohol, and music. Therefore, with drugs, sex, alcohol and music, the recipe is complete for an other worldly experience.

To the flip side, add deep focus on God and what happens? By focusing on God, one already admits that his/her focus is on a concept that is other worldly. Considering that God created the world, God is found in the world but not of the world. Gods, demons, angels, heaven, and hell are all other worldly entities, places and concepts. This also includes churches, leaders, sacred words and hymns. All gates to enter the spirit world, along with Eucharist, complete what is needed to get glimpses of the spirit world. The same goes for those who go through what they must to get "high" to recieve their spiritual experience.  

I am just fascinated by the these desires and their abilities to control. Most keenly, the Book of Mormon talks about how Angels were kicked out of heaven after waging war, and how those angels looked to control man, and were cursed to have no body. Yet drugs and sex are both ways in which one can say illicit desires enter the mind and take over the body. How many heinous crimes were committed out of emotion, desire and the feeling of drugs and sex? To which the perpetrators would most commonly say that "it was like someone else was controlling my body."

I'd just leave one with this thought: we can see that there are plenty of ways to reach the spirit world. Which one has love for another at its core?

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