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Have you experienced the power of love, learning and/or communication through Eye C U? Have you been helped by another member in some way? A ride when you were stranded? A meal when you were hungry? A hug when you were sad? An outlet to vent through? An unexpected trip to the top of a mountain? Share your experiences here!

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Who am I?

How can you love yourself if you don't know who you are? Use these discussions to discover who you are.

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The Tree of Knowledge

A discussion dedicated to knowledge and insight gained through books

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Rants and Raves

Meditation Exercise designed from the Billy Meier meditation information.

Posted by sweet6b9 on November 5, 2011 at 4:00pm 1 Comment

I have learned that listening to the sound of running water in a creek is actualy a healing sound also. I use this when I can.

Everyone should listen to this whole video below. This video discusses Heart/Brain…


undreds Of Thousands Could Have Been Exposed To Measles At Super Bowl Village

Posted by General on February 9, 2012 at 10:49am 1 Comment

Hundreds of thousands of people at the Super Bowl Village in Indianapolis could have been exposed to the measles.The Indiana State Department of Health confirms that a person infected with the highly contagious disease went to the Super Bowl Village… Continue

Were big banks ’stealing homes’?

Posted by Shelly Rivera on December 20, 2011 at 3:19pm 1 Comment

Forget for the time being all the Three Stooges document-fumbling surrounding the housing collapse. Set aside the obvious malfeasance of robosigning and rocket dockets.

The question on the table now is, were America's largest mortgage…



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"The President controls health care....the alt right loves pills.... Wasnt Reagan era the Crack era? #HistoryOnRepeat #ShoeOnTheOtherFoot"

General posted a status
"Power Up"
Aug 5

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"If Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady and Jay-Z go to China, I will to. Im leaving for China in 2 years. The #LDS will C to my family while I'm gone."
Aug 5

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"American's are not free, they are ignorant. American's mistake the bliss of igrance as the illusion of choice. VA the Governor"
Aug 5

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"Yo....I love my family. Thank you for giving me purpose... #Son #Father #Husband #BrotherInChrist #EyeCU #FamilyMatters"
Aug 2

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"Tomorrow is never promised, so make sure U use today to say I love U. VA the Governor"
Aug 2

General posted a rant and rave


Do you suddenly feel like a loser? If you do, it is because you just realized the truth. What…See More
Jul 28

General posted a status
"Sometimes life can be very lonely...."
Jul 27

General posted rants and raves
Jul 25

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"Today was a great and honorable day... Power Up"
Jul 23

General posted a status
"Always Be Working.. #FamilyMatters #TWTBH #ABW #AlwaysFeelBetter #EyeCU #Belaire"
Jul 19
Mommytoaangle posted a status
"Just wish things would go back to normal."
Jul 18

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